Admission delays force Nepalis to study abroad

Kathmandu, December 30

Delay in admission for MBBS and BDS courses in Nepal is forcing students to go abroad to study. This year over 700 students have gone abroad to study MBBS and BDS as Nepali medical institutions, which were supposed to finish enrolment process by October, did not do so.

Educationists and students say the number of Nepali students going abroad to study MBBS and BDS is likely to increase this year. According to a report of Nepal Medical Council, only 478 students had gone abroad in 2016 and the number didn’t exceed 500 in 2017 and 2018.

“More students are going abroad for medical education this year, as there has been a delay in admissions for medical studies,” an NMC member told THT on the condition of anonymity.

The authorities, however, said the admissions were likely to start soon. “Open house counselling for students will start next week. Admissions will be done immediately after completion of counselling,” said Dr Shree Krishna Giri, vice-chair of Medical Education Commission.

A student is normally given 35 days for admission after the open house counselling. “It took some time to decide on scholarships as provision of 75 per cent scholarships for medical students was included this year,” said Dr Giri.

The students who have passed their medical entrance tests have gone to Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Philippines and many other countries for their medical studies, according to Nepal Medical Council.

Aagya Shree Aryal, a student who has passed her entrance tests opted to go to Bangladesh for her medical studies after admissions didn’t begin in Nepal.

“Instead of sitting here and waiting, I am going to Bangladesh. Even if I wait here, enrolment in a good college is not guaranteed. Deadline for admissions abroad will be over if I wait more,” Aryal said.

Many Nepali students who drop out after Plus Two to prepare for medical entrance tests do not want to wait more for fear of losing another academic year.

Since the admissions have not started yet, many students fear that they could lose another academic year.

A student who is going to Bangladesh this week told THT, “I have already spent a year for MBBS entrance examination. I don’t want to wait for another year.”

Another student said, “It is risky to stay here as you are unsure of getting admission quickly. I am already behind by one year, I don’t want to miss another year. Everything is so uncertain here. Even if I wait I can’t say what will happen tomorrow,” she said.

Even foreigners who have applied for admission in Nepali medical colleges share the same fate.

“It is stressful to live in such a condition when one can’t be sure of his/her studies. Being an Indian national I can apply in Indian medical colleges. Since I cleared the test here I am waiting for the admission here. I am in a dilemma whether I should go to India or keep waiting here,” said Tejal Kore, an Indian student.

For students who have decided to stay here they too feel that a lot of time has been wasted.

“A delay in admission will affect the completion of our courses on time. It adversely impacts our career later,” said another student.