‘300 Kavrelis have sold off their kidney’

KATHMANDU: A field survey conducted by Children Handicapped Helpless Integral Development Nepal (CHHID) has shown that the situation of the Kavre people who sold their kidney was getting worse.

Those to have sold their kidney for money are living a miserable life -- both socially and financially -- Lal Bahadur Shahi, president, CHHID Nepal, told a press conference today. The survey shows as many as 300 people have sold their kidney in the district.

Poor villagers were lured by brokers and taken to India to sell their kidney but were paid too short of the commitment made earlier. Instead of the promised Rs 400,000 to 600,000, they were paid only between Rs 30,000 and Rs 60,000.

Kidney trade is in practice in about 22 districts in Nepal. Kavre VDCs such as Hokse, Jyamdi, Mahadevsthan, Anaukot, Baluwa, Panchkhal, Jaisithok and Patlekhet are known for the malpractice. Five of the persons living with only one kidney have so far died in the villages. "Hokse VDC is notoriously known as the kidney bank at the international level," said Ravi Lal BC, general secretary, CHHID Nepal. Ignorance and poverty are responsible for the sorry state of affairs. Many villagers are said to have sold their organ to repay their loan or to educate children.

The NGO also provided Rs 500 along with essential commodities to 70 victims at a total cost of Rs 500,000 during the survey.

CHHID Nepal maintained that the police had failed to take action against the perpetrators. BC accused of police inaction even after identifying the criminals.

The NGO is said to be raising awareness of and creating employment opportunities for the poor population.