‘Breakthrough’ surgery gives woman a new life

Palpa, June 20:

Chandra Kumari Jhendi, 44, of Palpa district’s Champani VDC, ward-2, has received a new life after successful surgery of her uterus and stomach.

Her complications had remained uncured even after visiting several hospitals. However, a visit to Lumbini medical college hospital proved the turning point. Chairman of the college Gopal Bahadur Pokhrel said it was a breakthrough in the entire region itself.

Chandra Kumari had a massive tumour in her uterus and blood had clotted in her stomach. According to gynaecologist Dr Binita Subedi, a five-kg tumour had grown in the uterus and nearly two litres of blood had clotted in the stomach, which were successfully removed after a three-hour-long operation.

For the doctors at the hospital it was a startling case with two simultaneous problems — tumour and blood clotting, Dr Subedi said. “Had it been two separate cases, it would have been nothing new. But a person having these two complications at the same time is rare,” she said.