‘Democracy must for Dalit liberation’

Kathmandu, March 4:

Dalit leaders today urged the backward and marginalised communities to fight against autocratic regime, ‘as democracy is the key for their liberation’.

“Dalits are the most vulnerable people who are bearing the brunt of violence and also the violation of human rights after the King grabbed power in February 1, 2005,” said Baburam Biswokarma, a Dalit student leader.

Speaking at the interaction titled “Dalit, Democracy and Human Rights” organised by the Dalit Development Association (DDA), Biswokarma said the problems of Dalits are not a matter of priority when the whole nation is deprived of democratic exercise. “Dalits are suffering due to curb in democratic rights,” he said adding one cannot think of Dalit liberation at a time when the country has no law and order in place.

“Democracy is essential for inclusion of Dalits and guarantee of their rights,” he added. He said the nation should be restructured after the restoration of democracy and therefore everyone should focus on the movement.

Acting president of Pariyar Sewa Samaj D B Pariyar said there is no alternative to movement for democracy. “But we are not aware where the Dalit movement is heading,” he said.

Pariyar said Nepali Dalits should fight for both the movements for democracy and the Dalit liberation at the same time.

Talking about Prachanda’s comment on the result of constituent assembly he said, “We cannot accept active monarchy even if Prachanda does.” Pariyar, however, said the constituent assembly under the King’s leadership would only empower him.

He said many people are misusing millions of rupees in the name of Dalits but they have not been questioned. “Dalits should seek how and where people are misusing funds coming in their names,” Pariyar said.

General secretary of the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Kundan Aryal also spoke on the occassion.