‘Exasperated’ Jwala Singh threatens to break ceasefire

Siraha, December 10:

Stating the minimum 4-point pre-conditions of the party for the talks with the government were ignored, warring outfit Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) president Jwala Singh warned to break ceasefire within this week.

In a brief talk with The Himalayan Times today, Singh said they would choose the path of the armed struggle against the government’s apathy to fulfil their pre-conditions for the talks if pre-conditions were not addressed in a week. “The government ignored to ensure conductive environment for the talks. Our cadres have been arrested in false cases and murdered,” he said, adding, “Now, there is no meaning of talks.”

Stating the dialogue only would not fulfill the Madhes demands, he called the Tarai based armed groups to be united in working style. He said he would take the agitation to reach the goal, using weapons tuntil the Madhes demands were met. Singh also pledged the commoners, businessmen and employees not to provide donations for his party or armed groups who come in the name of liberating the Madhes.

President Singh put the pre-conditions to free the arrested cadres from detention, provide full guarantee of the security for the talks team, declare ceasefire and remove the security personnel from rural areas and centre them only in the headquarters.

Madhes Virus Killers on talks table:

Kathmandu: The government would hold talks with an armed outfit Madhes Virus Killers (MVK) on Thursday, said Peace and Reconstruction Minister Janardan Sharma ‘Prabhakar.’

The MVK is among about two dozen armed groups with Madhes agenda, operating in the Tarai.

Minister Sharma said the negotiating team members of the MVK were coming on their way to Kathmandu. He, however, did not know the names and the number of negotiators.

He also said that the government would hold such dialogues with other groups ‘gradually’. Minister Sharma travelled to some of the Tarai districts in order to hold informal talks with the representatives of the armed groups, including the MVK a few weeks ago. — HNS