‘Maoist protest not people's movement’

KATHMANDU: Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel today said the Unified CPN-Maoist alone could not launch a people's movement. He said a people's movement as claimed by the Maoists was not possible without the support, involvement and participation of all the political parties. He said the current agitation of the Maoist was not a people's movement but agitation by the Maoists.

Speaking at a programme here today, Pokharel said the Maoists were defaming the Constituent Assembly by obstructing its proceedings. "The parliament cannot discuss the President's move as demanded by the Maoists," said Pokharel, adding that an agreement on the issue could be reached through talks. He, however, said the Maoists were free to seek legal solution to correct the President's move as per their claim of it being unconstitutional. "They are free to use the legal tool to fulfil their demands," he said.

He also challenged the Maoists to topple the government by garnering a majority in the parliament. He claimed that the current government would last its full term as it had the support of 22 of the 25 parties in the Constituent Assembly. He also criticised the Maoist's threat to obstruct the process of the drafting the new constitution and the peace process, calling it undemocratic and irresponsible.