‘Nepal needs law to check war crimes’

Himalayan News Service

Nepalgunj, April 23:

At an interaction with journalists on ‘International principles of human rights and justice’, representative of the International Committee of Red Cross for South Asia, Larry Maybee, said there should be a national law in Nepal based on international humanitarian law to check war crimes. He said that Nepal should take such a step by signing the 1977 protocol of the Geneva Convention, under which there is a provision aimed at providing security to victims of armed conflict. According to Maybee, once such a national law was passed, war crimes would be controlled to an extent. Stating it is an international crime to breach humanitarian law, Larry said cases could be filed against persons breaching humanitarian law and they would be treated as war criminals. He added humanitarian law should not be suspended even during Emergency and that appropriate action should be taken against forces/persons breaching the law. FNJ president Taranath Dahal, and SAFMA president Gopal Thapaliya, said that humanitarian law does not exist in Nepal when the country’s national law has been suspended.