‘No nation sans monarchy’

Kathmandu, August 17:

Minister for Local Development Khadga Bahadur GC today said this is not the time to debate a republican set-up because the nation cannot do without the monarch. “Without the King this nation cannot remain,” he said, at an interaction organised by the organising committee to mark the 42rd National Independence Day with the initiation of Oppressed, Neglected and Dalit groups, Uplift and Development Committee (ONDUDC) here, today.

Urging everyone to abolish terrorism first GC added, “We’ll go for democracy”. He also said municipal elections would be conducted within eight months. The vice-chairman of the cabinet of ministers, Kirtinidhi Bista, felicitated people for their contribution to an equitable society, most of whom were royalists.

He said that the policy of positive discrimination incorporated by the government for appropriate representation of all neglected groups indicated the King’s commitment to democracy.