‘Peace process not in danger’

KATHMANDU: Former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala today said the agitation launched by the UCPN-Maoist would not affect the drafting of the new constitution and the peace process.

Speaking at a tea reception organised by the Morang-Kathmandu liaison forum affiliated to the NC here, Koirala assured that the peace process would be taken to a logical end and the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated deadline. He said that the peace process was going smoothly despite various obstructions.

"Peace process and constitution writing process will never be in danger," he said.

Koirala also emphasised the importance of the youths to bear the responsibility of the nation. "Youth leaders should come to the front to shoulder the responsibility of the nation," he added.

Commenting on Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal's India visit, Koirala said that Nepal had always good relations with India and all the neighbouring countries.