‘UML ready to quit govt for consensus’

PATHAIYA: CPN-UML chairman Jhalanath Khanal today said there was no alternative to national consensus for the drafting of the new constitution.

Talking to mediapersons at Simara airport, Khanal said, "CPN-UML is always for national consensus. We're ready even to quit the government for the sake of national consensus."

Stating that the promulgation of the statute required a two-third majority, he said there was no alternative to consensus. Khanal underscored the unity of all the political parties for the formation of a consensus government.

Pointing to the planned agitation of the Unified CPN-Maoist, the UML chair said, "Disruption of the parliament and street demonstrations will push the country to regression."

"Instead of agitation, we need consensus and agreement to lead the nation to progression," he reasoned. Khanal clarified that consensus would be crucial for taking the peace process to a logical conclusion.

"Clashes, violence and destruction cannot substitute the consensus," he said.

"If UCPN-M hesitated to come to terms of agreement, we would be compelled to do the needful to force it onto the track of consensus," he said, adding that the government was ready to solve the issues raised by the UCPN-M through talks.

Khanal had landed the airport prior to his attending the Janakpur zonal training of Democratic National Youth Federation in Sarlahi.