‘YCL, YF derailing peace process’

Rajbiraj, December 30:

Establishment of peace has been derailed due to the anarchic activities of quasi-military organisations — Young Communist League of the Maoists and Youth Force of the UML, Minister for Foreign Affairs Upendra Yadav said today.

Speaking at a press meet organised here today, he said, “The political parties, which are in the government, should take a daring decision to dissolve such quasi-military organisations that have been a hurdle for establishing peace. All the political parties, including those out of the government, should go hand in hand for establishing peace and security in the country by creating conducive environment to write the federal constitution.” Laws and by-laws related to different government services were the obstacles for securing inclusiveness, he added, demanding to scrap such contradictory laws soon.

Yadav also said if the immediate amendment in the acts related to police, civil service and health sector were impossible, the agenda of inclusiveness should be enforced through an ordinance.

The lack of management of Maoist combatants is the root cause of political instability, said Yadav. “The MJF will strongly oppose the integeration of Maoist PLA fighters into the Nepal Army.”

He said that demands of armed outfits in Tarai were included in the agreements reached with the Madhes Andolan.