AFU-TU dispute recurs in Rampur

Chitwan, May 30

The government had merged Agriculture Campus, Rampur; and Institute of Forestry Science, Hetauda and founded Agriculture and Forestry University in 2010.

Tribhuvan University, however, has been disputing the government saying that it should be given the right to operate classes at AFU.

With the establishment of AFU, TU has halted the enrolment process at Rampur Campus. Nevertheless, TU Vice-chancellor Tirtha Khaniya’s recent remark that it would start admission process from August, has reignited the dispute.

AFU has condemned TU VC Khaniya’s remarks. In its statement, the AFU concluded that the VC’s statement is illegal, flawed and dominating.

AFU Registrar Professor Dr Manraj Kolakshyapati said that TU could not enrol students and operate classes on the premises of Rampur. Manraj said that TU could not ruin its programmes as AFU had taken 90 per cent ownership of assets and liabilities of Rampur Campus. “If TU wants to run its programme, it can do so in other parts of the district,” he added.

Kolakshyapati claimed it was not necessary for another agro campus to offer agriculture course in Chitwan. “Both AFU and TU are the state’s property. Why keep two structures in the same place?” he wondered.

Only the last batch of TU’s Faculty of Veterinary is in Rampur. Within five months, all the TU programmes will be completed in Rampur. The AFU said that it was against state policy and the law for TU to take admission in Rampur.

TU has been having a redundant dispute with the Institute of Forestry Science in Hetauda as well. Kolakshyapati said that TU had been undermining the agreement to merge the Institute of Forestry Science with AFU and keep Pokhara’s Institute of Forestry Science under TU.

Political parties in Chitwan have protested TU’s dominating behaviour with AFU.

Yam Bahadur Pariyar of the CPN Maoist Centre has asked TU to stay away from Rampur Campus. CPN-UML Chitwan District Chairman Jagannath Thapaliya said that it was wrong of TU to come to Rampur and fight with AFU.

NC Chitwan President Jit Narayan Shrestha said that TU could teach its programme in other places of the district, but not in Rampur.

TU Registrar Dilli Upreti, however, said that TU was yet to take a decision regarding the opening of enrolment procedure at Rampur. “I have no knowledge about opening the admission process, though I am in a position to take the decision,” Upreti added.