Agitating parties' demands addressed, claims DPM Gachhadar

BIRATNAGAR: Deputy Prime Minister Bijay Kumar Gachhadar has argued that the issues raised by the agitating Madhesi parties were addressed with the amendment to the new Constitution.

Speaking to journalists at the Biratnagar Airport today, DPM Gachhadar made it clear that the problem of delineation of the provincial borders could be resolved through formation of a high level political mechanism.

Stressing the positive feedback from the Indian government over the Constitution amendment, he said that obstructions at the transit points started losing their strength with the promise of full operation within a few days.

The DPM called on the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front to seek an alternative to agitation citing that the commoners had suffered much under continuous strike.

"The government was formed at a very difficult time," said DPM Gachhadar adding, "The government has undertaken some exemplary works including the acceleration of the reconstruction of religious heritages and structures destroyed during the earthquake."

Responding to journalists' queries, DPM Gachchhadar elaborated that he did not think that UCPN-Maoist – a ruling coalition partner – would opt for an alternative to the incumbent government.

He said minor criticism on the government's activities were not unusual.