All-party govt by Kartik: Nepal

Chitwan, September 19:

CPN-UML general secretary, Madhav Kumar Nepal, today said a new government with Maoists and other parties would be formed by Kartik (October-November).

The Maoists cannot be taken as a democratic force unless they give up arms, Nepal, who arrived here to inaugurate the 18th national convention of the UML-affiliated ANNFSU, said at an interaction with journalists, organised by the Chitwan chapter of the Press Chautari today.

Nepal insisted that the Maoists should give up violent means.

Nepal said: “New government with involvement of the Maoists and the political parties will be formed by Kartik.”

When asked about the role of civil society in the present context, Nepal said political parties take part in elections and the civil society should suggest the political parties to run the government and criticise their wrongdoings.”

Accusing Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala of running the government according to his will, Nepal said he urged the PM, on his last meeting with him, to discuss government actions with political parties.

On US ambassador James F Moriarty’s visit to the western districts, Nepal said: “Everything will be solved if we are united. There is nothing impossible.”

“The first goal is to hold a constituent assembly so the summit talks will be held before Dashain. The Chief Election Commissioner should also be appointed before Dashain,” he said.