Alleged smuggling kingpin Gorey denies murder, spills more beans

BIRATNAGAR: Main accused of gold smuggling and murder, Chudamani Upreti aka Gorey, has denied involvement in Sanam Shakya’s murder.

Upreti, however, admitted torturing Shakya while searching for 33-kg-gold that never reached its intended destination leading to Shakya’s murder followed by series of arrests.

Moreover, Gorey in his statement to the District Court, Morang, has said that politicians and high level police officers also played a part in smuggling the gold without revealing names of the politicians involved.

“I had served only as an aide, working in lower rung, in the smugglers’ hierarchy,” Upreti stated. “Facts behind gold smuggling will unravel after kingpins, high level police officers and big-name politicians are arrested.”

“SSP Khatri played a key role in gold smuggling”

While accusing on-the-run and suspended Senior Superintendent of Police, Shyam Khatri of playing a major part, Upreti said that Khatri had made arrangements with police officials including former DIG Govinda Niraula who is in judicial custody at Eastern Regional Prison, Jhumka.

Moreover, Upreti said that Khatri used to take Rs 50,000 per kg of gold that came out from the airport, illegally.

According to Upreti, Khatri used to haul the smuggled gold outside the airport in his vehicle with help from Bishnu Bahadur Khadka and Ambar Bahadur Thapa Magar.

Gorey spills two new names

Upreti, who recorded statement at the court for four days, has accused two more persons who are not in the list of 63 persons charged in the case.

According to Upreti, Jit Bahadur Kafle, brother of Mohan Kafle who was also tortured and Dawa Sherpa, a resident of Boudha, Kathmandu were also involved in smuggling.

Upreti sent to judicial custody

The District Court, Morang after recording Upreti’s statement has sent sent him to judicial custody at District Prison, Morang.

A single bench of Judge Narayan Prasad Sharma took a decision to this effect after recording Upreti’s statement for four days since Wednesday.

Prior to this, 28 other accused including SSP Dinesh Lohani were sent to judicial custody at Eastern Regional Prison, Jhumka.