Ambulance fare rates fixed in Khotang with help of DAO

Khotang, January 6

The Ambulance Operation and Management Committee in coordination with the District Administration Office has fixed ambulance fare rates, in Khotang.

The committee’s meeting held yesterday decided to charge service seekers uniform fare rates following public complaints. The meeting has decided that an ambulance could charge Rs 1,000 as two-way fare for a distance covering 5 km, Rs 1,500 for 10 km and Rs 2,000 for 15 km.

Chief District Officer of Khotang Ekdev Adhikari said as per the decision, an ambulance now can charge Rs 60 per km for rough roads  and Rs 30 for blacktopped roads. “Both the fare rates apply if the distance is more than 15 km,” he added.

The meeting has also decided to urge the concerned local authority to create an environment for smooth operation of ambulances. Khotang Sewa Samaj, UK, have donated seven ambulances and Khotang Sewa Samaj, Qatar, has provided one ambulance to the district. Likewise, the District Hospital and the Nepal Red-Cross Society have also been operating ambulance service in the district.