Amend statute before declaring poll: FSF-N

Khotang, January 26

Senior leader of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Ashok Rai today argued that the date for election should be announced only after the constitution was amended.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Federal Socialist Forum in Diktel, Khotang, today, Rai demanded that the election date be announced after the constitution was amended with necessary reforms. “First let’s pass the constitution amendment with necessary reforms then announce date for election,” said Rai.

He said that the election should unite all the Nepalis. “We are not against election, but the concerns raised by the ethnic communities and indigenous nationalities must be addressed first in the report of the Local Bodies Restructuring Commission,” said Rai.

Meanwhile, Federal Socialist Forum Vice-chairperson Renu Yadav charged that the leaders of the three major parties were not serious about the problems the people and the country were facing. “Before the election date is announced, the people must be ready for it,” argued Yadav.

Constitution amendment after voting is over, says Koirala

Chitwan, January 26

Nepali Congress General Secretary Sashank Koirala today said that the fate of the constitution amendment bill will be decided only after local elections.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Nepal Press Union Chitwan chapter at Bharatpur airport, the NC leader argued that the nation can’t dilly-dally on holding polls any more.“As we’ve fallen behind in conducting local polls, we can’t afford to squander more time now in the name of statute amendment bill or something else,” he observed, adding, the government must fix the election date immediately.

As for the fate of the constitution amendment bill, the ruling party leader opined that the bill could be put through after civic polls are held.

“There will be two to three months gap between civic elections and provincial polls, so it will be appropriate to deal with the bill then,” said the leader, who was in favour of holding the elections as per the old structure keeping in view the time constraint. “As holding polls as per the new structure might take time we don’t have, it’s desirable that the polls be held as per the old structure for now,” he said, calling on all political stakeholders to help create the environment for all three levels of elections by the stipulated time.

Koirala said on the past understanding between his party and the CPN-MC and said the incumbent government, as per the agreement, will be in place until the local elections are held.