ANNISU-R’s allegation

Chitwan, July 28:

The All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) today blamed president of the Free Students’ Union (FSU) of the Narayangarh-based Balkumari Campus for attacking

ANNISU-R’s campus secretary, Rudra Bhattarai, on Sunday, a source at the ANNISU-R said.

The FSU members, including its president, intervened in the programme organised by the ANNISU-R to protest the increase in fees effected by the campus administration on Friday and attacked Bhattarai.

Chairperson of the Chitwan district chapter of the ANNISU-R, Lal Bahadur Tamang today called for the closure of all Chitwan-based educational institutions to protest the attack.

The statement blamed the FSU for working against students’ welfare.