Another JTMM faction is born

Visfot Singh says two JTMMs agents of other forces

Siraha, June 27:

Eight kingpins of the military faction of the Jay Krishna Goit-led Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-G) today broke away from the JTMM-G to form yet another faction under the leadership of Visfot Singh.

Accusing the Goit-led JTMM of having failed to secure the rights of the Tarai people, the new party declared its independence from Goit and said that it would work to achieve the goals of the Tarai people.

Apart from the JTMM-G, the Jwala Singh-led JTMM is striving for an independent and autonomous Tarai.

The new faction has become the third in this series.

Talking to this daily, Visfot Singh said, “The new party had been already been formed in principle on June 13. We were just waiting for the right moment to declare its birth.” Singh added that a whole company of the Tarai Mukti Sena revolted and broke away to form the new party.

Saying that a company consists of 180 armed fighters, Singh added that he would work to expand his party.

He claimed that the two JTMMs, apart from having become agents of other forces, were mired in personal greed and corruption and had lost sight of the goals that they had announced.

He added that his new party would work to realise those forgotten goals.

The central committee of the new party has Jasso Yadav (Vikrant Singh), Suryanarayan Yadav, Shree yadav, Gugli Yadav, Asharam Yadav, Banbhola Singh and Devnath Yadav.

Ironically, in July 2003, Jay Krishna Goit had broken away from the pro-Maoist Madhesi Rastriya Mukti Morcha claiming it had failed to realise the goals it had announced for the liberation of the Madhesi people and formed the Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha.

Soon after, Nagendra Paswan aka Jwala Singh broke away from Goit’s party and formed his own faction of the JTMM.