Ansari hits out at Rawal over security situation

BIRATNAGAR: Former State Minister for Home Affairs Rijwan Ansari today accused Home Minister Bhim Bahadur Rawal of allowing the law and order situation of the country to deteriorate by sidelining competent officers of security forces.

Talking to journalists in Biratnagar, Ansari said, “The security situation is worsening throughout the country because of the transfer of competent and efficient officers in the headquarters on the ground of regionalism by the Home Minister”.

Blaming the Home Minister for the weakening structure and morale of the Nepal Police, Ansari said, “The home minister never worked to boost the morale of the Nepal Police but always involved himself in discouraging security agencies”.

He also claimed that Rawal had shown no concern when he approached him to talk about controlling the escalating crime in the country.

Referring to the recurring incidents of murder and killing, Ansari said that peace and security cannot be restored in the country during the incumbent Home Minister’s tenure as the latter does not have effective plans and strategies to tackle such events.