Biratnagar, January 11:

As part of an anti-poll campaign, the Morang district chapter of the Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) has begun tearing pamphlets and posters put up by the Election Commission in different places of the Biratnagar submetropolis.

“We will boycott all programmes announced by the EC. We will tear all pamphlets and posters put up by the EC,” said Kedar Karki, president of the Morang chapter of the NSU.

The EC has put up informative posters with the objective of making the people aware of the upcoming municipal polls. The NSU has also formed a committee headed by Kedar Karki to make the campaign effective.

Presidents of different campus units, representatives of the Free Students’ Union (FSU) and workers of district working committee are the members of the committee.

A group of students and party workers tore hundreds of pamphlets and posters pasted between Hatkhola of Biratnagar and the Traffic chowk today, said Bhim Parajuli, the secretary of FSU, Mahendra Morang Campus. The group also warned the people not to take part in the polls, he said. Addressing a corner meeting at the Traffic chowk, Kedar Karki and Bhim Parajuli said the NSU is ready to organise programmes to disrupt the municipal polls.

Meanwhile, the NSU has also warned the Nepali Congress leaders not to contest the polls. “We will punish the leaders if they contest the polls,” said Parajuli.