Anti-malarial drug gathering dust

Bajura, October 10

Anti-malarial drug that has to be sprayed to destroy mosquitoes to prevent malaria from spreading has been stranded at Kolti Primary Health Centre, in Bajura district for the past three months.

Save the Children had sent the anti-malarial drug to the health centre three months ago after malarial infection was diagnosed in Budhinanda Municipality.

Chief at the primary health centre Dr Satya Shahi said the insecticide was sprayed in the affected areas three months ago. “But we could not get the work done due to lack of budget,” he added. Shahi said the health centre had sought around three lakh rupees for the purpose. “But the municipality did not release the amount,” Shahi informed. He said one to two patients from the affected areas had reached the health facility to receive treatment on a daily basis.

The infection, which is normally seen only in the Tarai has now been seen in the hilly district of Bajura for the first time.

The blood samples of patients were sent to the central laboratory after malaria was detected in Wards 5 and 6 of Budhinanda Municipality. The medicine was sent with the help of Save the Children to the affected areas after malaria was confirmed through the test.

Dr Shahi said the medicine could not reach on time and the municipality also did not release the budget on time.