APF sitting on landfill site, project hindered

Biratnagar, August 22:

A dispute over land may lead to the scrapping of a project of the regional garbage management centre. The Armed Police Force’s Kankalini battalion, stationed during the Maoist insurgency, continues to occupy land allotted for the landfill site for

the project.

Despite appeals to the Home Ministry, the latter has not agreed to vacate the site in Tankisinuwari, indicating that it will not be possible to initiate work on the project, as planned, in 2008 and commission the project by 2011.

The Biratnagar sub-metropolitan office said the proposed project, worth Rs 550 million, covers 14 bighas and 13 katthas of land. The project has been pending for two-and-a-half years due to lack of efforts by the Home Ministry to remove the battalion from there. Finland, under the CIM-N project, had pledged Euro 4.5m as assistance for the construction of the site, while the Town Development Fund had agreed to provide Rs 13.5 crore as loan. Chances of the project getting scrapped are high due to the land dispute, executive officer at the Biratnagar sub-metropolitan office Yagya Prasad Bhatarai said.

The PMO, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Local Development Ministry have written to the Home Ministry to give its clearance to the project, but the latter has not complied, the sub-metropolitan office here said.