Army used excessive force in Kanchanpur: RNA

Himalayan News Service

Mahendranagar, June 9:

The Royal Nepalese Army used excessive strength in an incident at the Jana Jyoti Campus in Kanchanpur on April 29, a RNA statement issued today said. The RNA’s far-western

regional division headquarters had formed the ‘Court of Enquiry’ to investigate into the incident. The inquiry headed by Brig Gen Daman Bahadur Ghale concluded that forces had used excessive force and the report has suggested that Dilip Tumbahamphe, an army man, be presented before the Military Court formed under the Military Act 2016, and be sent to three months in prison with prevention of grade increment for two years for his atrocity during the incident. The report states that the army men arrested one Mahesh Pant from a house where he was hiding and he was shot at when he put his hands in his pockets raising suspicion that he was taking out some weapon.

Shooting at a person who was totally in control of the forces, was definitely use of excessive force, the report said. The report further said that the students, who were some 250 metres from the campus at that time, scattered around on seeing the security forces and the forces chased them and also opened fire in the air to warn them but one of them, who was hiding in a nearby house was shot at on his thigh. The forces also arrested Nara B Dhami and injured Bachan B Singh. All injured persons were rushed to the local Mahakali zonal hospital and later taken to India. Three of them are undergoing treatment in the Birendra Army Hospital, Chhauni, and they are out of danger, a statement added.