Around 50 per cent Bajura children malnourished

BAJURA:  Most of the children in Bajura district have been suffering from malnutrition, various reports said.

According to Information Officer of the District Health Office, Ram Chandra Yadav, more than 47 per cent children of the Bajura have been malnourished.

A study recent study conducted by UNICEF and Integrated Rural Health Development Training Centre (IRHDTC) has also found that most of the children in the district have been suffering from malnutrition.

Among 3,064 children of the age between six months and five years, at least 143 children were malnourished.

Lack of health facilities, nutritious food, awareness, sanitation and care during pregnancy are some major causes of malnutrition in Bajura, said IRHDTC Nutrition Officer Puja Manandahar.

Sapata, Rugin, Pandusen, Kolti, Budhiganga villages in the district had high number of child malnutrition. Of them too, Sapata recorded the highest cases of malnutritio, in which around 80 per cent were affected.

Many organisations have been working to reduce malnutrition in the district, but to no avail.