Pradesh borders must be delineated, says NMSP


Sharat Singh Bhandari-led Nepal Madhes Socialist Party (NMSP) has urged the parties to promulgate the constitution only after finalising the demarcation of Pradeshes.

“We won’t accept the constitution without demarcation of the Pradeshes,” states a press statement issued by party Spokesman Keshav Jha, here on sunday. NMSP supports the 16-point pact signed by NC, UML, Unified CPN-Maoist and Bijay Kumar Gachhadar-led MJF-Democratic.

According to Jha, the party’s attention was seriously drawn by the public statements of some parties that demarcation of Pradeshes would delay the constitution. The statement said that the parties, while signing the 16-point pact, had informally agreed to promulgate constitution only after finalising the borders of Pradeshes.

“It will not take more than half-an-hour for the four parties to finalise the demarcation of Pradeshes,” NMSP claimed.

Jha further said promulgating the constitution without borders of Pradeshes would mock the apex court decision, besides furthering the ongoing movement of Madhes-based parties.

The party has further demanded not to discriminate citizens of the country on the basis of the types of citizenship they receive.

“Discriminating against citizens will invite conflict and the nation will not be stable,” Jha stated.

The party has also appealed to all the people to actively engage in the Constituent Assembly’s endeavour to collect suggestions from people on July 20 and 21.