Birgunj, November 19:

Former speaker Daman Nath Dhungana today stressed on the need of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution to free people in real sense. Addressing a mass meeting organised

by the Civil Society, Birgunj, he said, “When the King is not interested to follow the constitution, a new constitution should be drafted through the polls of a constituent assembly.”

“It is clear to every one how the King hijacked people’s fundamental rights by bypassing the constitution,” he said. Dhungana added that it was high time for Nepali people go on to go for a constituent assembly.

He also urged the King to accept the demand of constituent assembly and said, “if he fails to do so the people will be compelled to go for a republican set up.” “I tell you you, active monarchy has no future,” Dhungana said and held the King responsible for making Nepal a failed state. He also requested the local businessmen not to financially back the present government as it would only help strengthen monarchy. Federation of Nepalese Journalists central president, Bishnu Nisthuri, said the journalists’ movement would continue until the press freedom and fundamental rights of the people are restored. The alliance between the seven parties and the Maoists would help pave the way to solve the present political crisis, said Harihar Birahi, a senor journalist. The time has come for Nepali people to start imagining a state without a King because the autocratic monarch has continuously been attacking the institution of democracy, Birahi added.