Australian Border Force detains two Nepali nationals

Kathmandu, July 19

Two Nepali nationals were detained by Australian Border Force near Kununurra of Western Australia.

According to and, two Nepalis and six Malaysian nationals were picked up in Australian Border Force raids targeting labour hire intermediaries and employers suspected of exploiting foreign workers. The names and addresses of the detained Nepali nationals were not given.

The online portals have quoted Acting Superintendent Anthony Spadavecchia as saying that three people were suspected of high-level involvement in worker exploitation and were being held in detention ahead of their removal from Australia. “The remaining five individuals were conditionally released, contingent on their immediate departure from Australia,” Spadavecchia was quoted as saying.

Online portals reported that Six Malaysian nationals and two from Nepal were detained after warrants were executed on two properties near Kununurra.

Officials in Embassy of Nepal in Australia could not be contacted for comment. Assistant Spokesperson for the Ministry of Home Affairs Ram Babu Dhakal said he was not aware of any Nepali nationals being detained in Australia.