Kathmandu, July 6:

Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri today expressed concern about the increasing tendency of violating precedents set by the Supreme Court.

“While there is inconsistency in administrative decisions due to the frequent change of administrative law, the Supreme Court is under increasing pressure because the authorities concerned are not following the apex court precedents,” the Chief Justice said.

Giri said this while addressing an interaction on Administrative Law and implementation of Civil Service Act organised jointly by the Ministry of General Administration and the Administrative Court.

“The apex court has been burdened with cases against administrative decisions,” the Chief Justice added.

“Even though the Administrative Court is authorised to settle cases related to the administration, the SC is bearing a major burden of writ petitions against the administrative decisions relating to promotion and transfer,” Giri added.

Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi called the high-ranking government officials to act in accordance with the law.

“The orders and directives violating the law cannot help maintain rule of law in the country,” Rayamajhi added.

We have to analyse who has followed the rule of law and who has not, justice Rayamajhi said.

“The concept of rule of law is not against anyone. It helps everyone as it is the guardian of the people. However, we have to find out who obeys the rule of law and who does not,” he added.

Chairman of the Administrative Court Kanshi Raj Dahal said that the administrative justice system cannot be strengthened without strengthening and empowering the Administrative Court.