Autocracy still alive, says Speaker

Kathmandu, June 7 :

Speaker of the House of Representatives Subhas Chandra Nemwang said today that there are still some vestiges of King’s autocracy even after the success of the peoples’ movement and curtailment of his powers by the House of Representatives through the May 18 declaration.

“The Regulation of the House of Representatives will curtail more powers of the King,” Nemwang said addressing a programme on Constituent Assembly (CA) and Inclusive Democracy for Conflict Transformation organised jointly by the Kathmandu School of Law and some NGOs.

He said that an election to a CA will be an appropriate way to resolve all problems facing the country.

He expressed the hope that peace talks between the government and the Maoists will be a success this time, “as there is no other alternative to constituent assembly polls”. Nemwang stressed on the need to institutionalise the achievements of the peoples’ achievement. “Now there is nothing that can create obstacles to the demands of the Maoists for making the talks successful, as the government and the House have addressed their political demands.” UML leader Yuba Raj Karki said that the CA should be authorised to decide on the future of monarchy.