Baby with abnormal head awaits treatment

Khotang, November 5

In a rare case, a baby has had an abnormal growth of his head in Khotang.

The baby born as the first child to Mikurman and Thupri Rai of Chyasmitar-4, Phirku, Khotang in November last year has head three times larger than the normal head of a one-year-old.

“Everything was normal until he was four months old and slowly his head started swelling and limbs started going thinner and thinner,” said father Mikurman, who rued lack of fund for the child’s treatment.

“We don’t have a strip of land of our own and are living in a small shack near the forest. How on earth can we afford his treatment?” asked the father, appealing for help for the treatment of his child.

“I can’t see his condition as he can barely close his eyes,” lamented the mother.

According to Gaunsara Rai, a kin, the couple hasn’t visited any hospital for treatment the child’s treatment due to the lack of fund. “It would have been a great help if anyone helped us for our child’s treatment,” she said.