Bag with Rs 2.95 lakh stolen from Chitwan bank

CHITWAN: A visitor's bag that contained Rs 295,000 was reportedly stolen from a bank at Narayangadh of Chitwan today.

The bag belonging to Yogendra Dhwaj Thapa of Bharatpur Sub-Metropolitan City-7 of the district was stolen by an unidentified gang from the Laxmi Bank premises at around 11:30 am today.

Thapa had taken the cash to deposit in the bank.

According to Thapa, he had left the bag with a security guard at the bank and gone to a nearby water tap after his neck itched. But, his bag was not there while he returned after around a minute.

The guard said some youth took away the bag while they engaged him over a talk on some other issues.

SP Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said it was a sheer negligence of Thapa. He should have been more careful while handling such a huge amount of money, he said.

Inspector Raju Thapa said image of a youth taking away the bag has been captured in the CCTV footage and police are looking into the case.

According to the Inspector,the bank client had withdrawn the amount from the SBI Bank earlier.

Meanwhile, police have suspected that the youth might have used chemicals to cause the bank client's skin to itch so that he would leave the bag in order to wash his neck.