Bagmati makes little progress in two years

Hetauda, February 11

Although the first year was claimed to be the base year, Bagmati Province failed to make noticeable progress in the second year as well.

While assuming office, Chief Minister Dormani Poudel had vowed, “What we say that we do. The government will be transparent and result-oriented. It’s time to stop indulging in non-productive work.” But, the province failed to deliver as per people’s expectation in these two years.

The provincial government wasted a long time naming the province and its capital. If there is anything achievement, it has made 45 laws in two years.

CM Poudel admitted that although the country made headway towards sustainable development with federalism in place, they could not work as per people’s expectation. He added that there were a lot of speed breakers as far as government’s works were concerned, which resulted in people’s despair.  He, however, said the base for change had been made.

“Bagmati Province is committed to working in line with the national ambition of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali’,” the CM said, claiming that some changes were seen in the area of law making, employee management, infrastructure development, industrial development and employment generation, modernisation of agriculture, tourism promotion, health security of students and identification of talent in sports.

Bagmati province is ready to construct Bhimphedi-Kulekhani tunnel on its own and has nearly finalised the detailed project report.