Baitadi DPHO to hand over health facilities to local levels

Baitadi, October 13

District Public Health Office, Baitadi has initiated the process to hand over various health facilities, including the district hospital, health posts, primary health centres, urban health centres, community health units and birthing centres, to local levels.

Issuing a circular, the DPHO has directed all health facilities to furnish the details of movable and immovable properties, including land and medical equipment, soon.

The heath facilities have also been instructed to provide the details of employees including permanent, temporary and contractual staff, in those centres. The health facilities being operated under the DPHO will now be run under rural municipalities and municipalities of the district.

The process of handing over health facilities to local levels further move ahead after the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies, informed DPHO Baitadi Chief Dr Gunaraj Abasthi. Along the district hospital, some 591 health facilities will be handed over to local governments in the district. Besides the district hospital, there is one primary health centre  in Patan Municipality and Melauli Municipality each.

Likewise, there are 65 health posts in the district. According to DPHO, there are community health units in five areas of the district. Similarly, there are six town health centres and 59 separate birthing centres. Some 222 village clinics and 232 vaccination clinics are in operation. A total of 300 health workers are in the service in the district.