Baitadi gears up for vaccination drive against elephantiasis

BAITADI: A vaccination campaign against elephantiasis will be held on March 4, 5 and 6 in Baitadi district with an aim to eradicate the disease.

The vaccines will be administered to all except the expectant mothers, children below two years of age, people with chronic illness and mothers in postpartum period of seven days.

The district has continued its campaign against elephantiasis that started five months before. The vaccination campaign has been running as part of the government's target of eliminating the disease by 2020, the District Health Office (DHO), Baitadi Information Officer, Bhuvan Joshi shared.

The vaccines against the disease must be administered once a year for six years. The campaign aims to vaccinate around 240,000 people in the district.

More than 450 health workers, 831 women health volunteers and 649 other volunteers will be mobilised from across the district during the campaign, a Health Assistant at DHO Santosh Pandeya said.

DHO Chief Dr Gunraj Awasthi has appealed to everyone to support the vaccination drive against elephantiasis.