Bajura man bedridden for 3 months for want of money

BAJURA: A sexagenarian woman wanders around her whole village, begging for loan to save her 64-year-old sick husband from death, in Siradi, Kolti-4 of Bajura district.

It has been three months, but to no avail so far.

The old man, Dip Chadara, had been winning the bread for his three orphan grandchildren, the wife Samkala and himself, she says shedding few drops of tears.

"He will die…die of sickness…we cannot even manage some money to take him to a hospital," she sobs.

Dip has been down with helpless cough and high fever for more than three months.

Earlier he was taken to the Primary Health Centre nearby and was treated with medicines that were bought on credit.

The PHC had suggested the Dalit family to take the man to a hospital for better treatment. But, he was returned to home instead, for want of money to afford.

"We cannot afford rich people's place," laments Samkala.

Also, two years ago, the sexagenarian was treated in a hospital in Bayalpata of neighbouring Achham district. But now, the journey to Bayalpata has also become impossible, the woman adds.

Far from Bayalpata, therefore, the old man's cough is heard from the family who helplessly wait as the illness worsens.