Bajura's Badimalika Municipality ward offices get internet access

BAJURA: Just three months ago, it took one whole day for ward chair of Badimalika Municipality-1, Ram Bahadur Karki to exchange correspondence with the municipality office. Nowadays frequent and quick communication with the municipality office takes place, said the ward chair.

It has become less time consuming to communicate since the ward office got access to internet. Prior to this, the correspondence communication was time-consuming, said Ward Chair Karki. All nine ward offices of the municipality have access to the internet.

Badimalika Municipality Mayor Padam Baduwa said the internet services have been made available in ward offices and various institutions including education, health in order to take electronic-registration of the presence of staff on duty and to facilitate efficient communications with the general public.

The municipality's Information Technology (IT) Officer Hem Thapa said, the internet access was made available with a view of providing paperless services, and interconnecting the offices with digital technology. He said there was also a plan to make the internet available to other offices in the municipality.

"With the internet access made available, people who had to visit the municipality offices can now get various services from the ward office", Ward no. 7 Chair Dharmaraj Padhyay said.

IT Officer Thapa informed that it was the first time that all the wards of the local level in the hilly district gained internet access.