Ball in Nepali Congress's court for alliance or unification: Gachhadar

BIRATNAGAR: Madhesi Janadhikari Forum-Democratic's Chairman Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar has insisted on the creation of an atmosphere conducive to all political parties to take part in the local level elections.

Talking to media persons at Biratnagar Airport Sunday, leader Gachhadar stressed that all political parties should participate in the local poll to prove its meaning and significance.

In his response to a query, leader Gachhadar, who was with Nepali Congress before forming the MFJ, said that he had been receiving frequent calls from his old colleagues to get back to the party in informal meetings.

"Congress has felt the need of my presence in the party, however, all probabilities be there in politics." He added that he, however, has not yet discussed the matter with the Nepali Congress.

Stating his party was in a position of making a decisive role in the Parliament and the party organisation was also strong, he said there was possibility of party unification or election alliance with the Nepali Congress. But the goal is in the Nepali Congress's court, according to him.