Banana farmers destroy illegal import

Chitwan, October 18:

Banana farmers in Ratnanagar of Chitwan intercepted and destroyed two truckloads of bananas illegally imported from India, saying that their produce did not get the market due to the illegal import from India.

“Since we are forced to sell our bananas in low prices due to the illegal import of Indian bananas, we seized the bananas and destroyed them,” said Baburam

Bhatt, a banana farmer. He said the Indian bananas were of low quality and they were being imported to Nepal evading taxes.

According to locals, the banana farmers of eastern Chitwan took control over the trucks and damaged the fruit.

They seized the bananas, put them on the road and crushed them under the wheels of a tractor, said an eyewitness, Gokul Gautam. But half of the bananas were not damaged, he added.

The police later reached the site and facilitated the free passage of two other trucks, which were also carrying bananas, said inspector Alikram Sharma.