Be polite to clients: MoFA


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned its diplomats and staffs to show good manner, converse politely and keep positive attitudes towards their clients.

Dispatching an internal circular to all its departments, divisions and 35 diplomatic outposts, MoFA reminded staffers to behave gracefully and show respect towards public figures, including lawmakers.

The ministry took this step after two prominent parliamentary panels — International Relations and Labour Committee (IRLC) and State Affairs Committee (SAC) raised questions about the language and manner to be shown by MoFA staffers, particularly of its Department of Passport towards service seekers, according MoFA Spokesperson Tara Prasad Pokhrel.

The circular dispatched by Joint Secretary Durga Bahadur Subedi yesterday stated that diplomats and staffers have to be decent, keep a positive attitude, show respect and talk politely to their clients.

In a meeting of IRLC on Sunday, lawmakers had complained about the manner and behaviour of Nepalese diplomats serving abroad, working in the ministry and at the Department of Passport.

Some lawmakers had even shared their own experience of indecent manner shown by MoFA and DoP staffers to them when they visited these officers in the course of official work.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, who attended the IRLC meeting, apologised on behalf of diplomats and staffers if they had made any mistake knowingly or unknowingly.

MoFA Spokesperson Pokhrel said staffers needed to be reminded about proper behaviour towards service seekers. He stated that the principle of Citizen’s Charter has also given high value towards service seekers.