As many as 208 households of Bagarphant of Beni Municipality have been deprived of clean drinking water for three months.

The people were compelled to fetch contaminated water from streams and wells after the supply of drinking water was disrupted by the landslide and floods on June 21.

The intake of impure water has resulted in common cold among children and elderly people, the locals shared.

The floods in streams such as Maruwa, upper Khanna and Bankhe and subsequent landslides damaged the pipeline supplying water to the villagers.

Although some repair was done, it could not sustain after the rainfall continued causing landslide and flood that further swept away the pipes.

Sabitra Sharma from Beni Municipality of Myagdi asked why alternative management of drinking water was not done although the people here were deprived of clean drinking water for such a long time. The people have accused the Bagarphant drinking water and sanitation consumers' committee of not paying attention to the problem.

There are 28 taps in the village but without water supply, forcing people to fetch water from natural wells and the Myagdi River.

The people here had been using water by installing 28 taps for nine years.

However, the drinking water project Chief Krishna Bahadur Karki said recurring rainfall had stalled the progress to resume water supply. This year, both the source of water and pipe were damaged by the floods.

A total of 120 people have been directly impacted by this problem.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 22 2021, of The Himalayan Times.