Better coordination for ‘red revolution’ sought

New Delhi, September 29:

The Maoist-affiliated Communist Parties’ Organisation of South Asia (COMPOSA) has decided to develop the South Asian region as a thriving ground of people’s revolt by developing better coordination among the brotherhood organisations.

In the fourth conference of the coordination committee of the Maoist parties and organisations of South Asia, which was held recently at an undisclosed location in Nepal, it was decided that there should be better coordination among the Maoist parties so as to take the people’s revolt in South Asia to new heights.

A highly-placed source in New Delhi confirmed that the meeting was held and that different parties dedicated to the Maoist ideology from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Bhutan attended it.

Eight Maoist parties of four nations attended the conference, the source added. According to reports received, the fourth COMPOSA meeting through its political declaration decided to strengthen and expand relations among the Maoist organisations in the region and to assist each other to fight the foes in their respective countries.

The meeting also called for a wider people’s movement in South Asia.

COMPOSA’s third coordination committee meeting was held on March 19, 2004. It has the membership of more than 13 Maoist communist parties of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

This meeting had also conceptualised the Red Corridor Zone and Compact Revolutionary Zone consisting of Nepal and Maoist-affected nine states of India.

During the fourth COMPOSA meeting, participants expressed satisfaction that South Asia was thriving as a ground for Red revolution.

According to reports, the brotherhood between the Maoists in Nepal and communist parties in India is contributing to the development of South Asia as a thriving ground for Red revolution.

In Bhutan, a new Maoist movement has been declared and all those developments are creating ground for taking the Maoist movement in South Asia to new heights.

The proletarian party of East Bangla Coordination Committee, Communist Party of East Bengal (Marxist-Leninist, Red Flag), Bangaldesher Socialist Party (Marxist-Leninist), Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist Maoist), Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist), Naxalites and Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist Maoist) attended the conference.

The Communist Party of Ceylon of Sri Lanka participated as an observer.