Bhaktapur quake survivors to get first installment grant from designated banks

BHAKTAPUR: Earthquake survivors of six municipalities in Bhaktapur district would get first installment of Rs 50,000 grant from Monday.

Local Development Officer, Dhurba Prasad Koirala, said that first installment would be distributed from tomorrow through the designated banks. Eighteen thousand quake survivors of the district would get the grant he added.

The municipalities in the district have so far signed agreement with 20,150 quake survivors, out of 26,016, for the first grant. The National Reconstruction Authority has certified 26,016 quake survivors for the grant.

Quake survivors, who failed to sign grant agreement due to lack of land ownership certificate even after enlisting in the list of quake survivors, would now get chance to sign the grant agreement.

They would get such opportunity after the Cabinet approved 'Working Procedure related to Quake damaged private residence reconstruction grant distribution-2073' by scrapping 'Working procedure related to quake damaged private residence reconstruction grant distribution-2072.'

More than 6,000 quake survivors in the district were deprived of the grant in absence of land ownership certificate.