Bharatpur stationer spends Rs 2.8 million feeding needy

RATNANAGAR: A benevolent person in Chitwan district has spent about 2.8 million rupees in a campaign he launched to feed the hungry people since two years.

Stationer Bishnu Prasad Poudel of Bharatpur Sub-Metropolitan City is feeding the people with disabilities, physically challenged, children and victims among others for two years.

Poudel said that he has made deals with 64 hoteliers in 54 market areas in different parts of the country to feed 400 people every day. Poudel shared that he has been managing the costs from the income of his stationery and pays the amount on monthly basis to the hoteliers.

He said that the campaign he initiated, Human Welfare Society, aims to look so that none would be left hungry in the country.

Pledging to spend as high as Rs 20 million earned in the last two decade for the purpose of feeding the have-nots, Poudel stated that the hoteliers have also supported him in his venture.

Poudel said he happened to embark on this step after being touched when an elderly woman approached him for meal, RSS reported.