Bhattarai, Dahal jibe at each other


Unified CPN-Maoist Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal and senior party leader Baburam Bhattarai took jibes at each other at a programme organised by All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary).

In an oblique reference to Dahal’s poor leadership quality, Bhattarai, who spoke before Dahal said there were people in the communist movement who were not performing well and were also not allowing others to work.

He said the party needed to be transformed into a new organisation by resolving contradictions in a democratic way without negating differing views.

Bhattarai said lazy attitude and dogmatism was plaguing the communist movement.

He said voices were growing in favour of a complete constitution and resolving federalism issues. He said his party should take the initiative to resolve federalism from this CA.

Dahal too did not spare Bhattarai. In an oblique reference to Bhattarai’s attempt to form parallel committees, Dahal said factionalism was plaguing the party. “In one district, he added, there are nine parallel committees. Self interest is taking its toll on the party,” he added.

Dahal said on the one hand, party leaders were talking of making a ‘new’ party, but on the other, they were busy forming parallel committees.

“What does new party mean? Does this mean we should form parallel committees or promote factionalism?” he wondered. Dahal said he would not quit the leadership just because somebody wanted him to.

“If somebody attacks me, inflicts bruises on me and tells me to quit the leadership, then they should not as that will not help,” he said, and added that those who wanted him to quit the leadership should ensure a dignified exit for him.

Dahal said the 25-point proposal that he had presented in the Central Committee a few months ago could solve the party’s problems and help it emerge as the largest outfit next time.

Dahal also claimed that although the UCPN-M failed to get all it wanted in the new constitution, it had its imprints in the draft constitution and hence party cadres should not lose hope.

“The Nepali Congress and CPN-UML were saying they would unilaterally make the new constitution. We stopped them from doing that by signing the 16-point pact,” he said.