Bhattarai warns of peaceful revolt

Charikot, March 16:

CPN-Maoist senior leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai said today that his party would launch a peaceful revolt if they fail to secure the “desired result” in the CA polls.

Addressing a press conference organised by Dolakha chapter of Revolutionary Journalists’ Association in Charikot, he said that such a revolt could be launched as conspiracies are being hatched to defeat the Maoists in the polls.

He blamed that extremists and pro-royalists as per the hint of foreign forces are trying to disrupt the polls to defeat the Maoists as the number of people supporting the Maoists has been rapidly increasing every day.

“Conspiracies are being hatched to disrupt the polls,” Bhattarai said.

Saying that the unity among leftists, patriots and republicans could make the polls

a success, he stressed on the need for unity among them.

He claimed that royalists might be behind the CPN-UML’s act of refusing to form an electoral alliance among the leftist forces.

Saying that the Maoists are implementing the election code of conduct, he said: “The Maoists are being blamed for not implementing the code of conduct to divert increasing support of people to the Maoists.” Bhattarai said reports of the YCL creating obstructions in the poll campaigns of other parties in different places are false.