Bhojpur hospital resumes caesarean section service

Bhojpur, February 5

Expectant mothers of Bhojpur can now avail themselves of caesarean surgery in the district as the district hospital has hired an expert doctor for the purpose.

Resumption of the service, which had been disrupted for almost a month, has elated local folks. “As the service is not available anywhere else in the district, patients had to be rushed to faraway places by spending a huge amounts of money on choppers.

However, the resumption of the service at the hospital has brought a huge respite to all,” said Dr Nawal Kishor Jha, chief at the District Health Office.

According to Jha, a doctor has been hired for Rs 250,000 per month. “As around 30 to 45 women approach the hospital for delivery in a month, and 5 to 10 per cent of the cases require surgery, resumption of the service has been a great relief to local residents,” said Jha.

He, however, rued the lack of blood bank in the district.

“It’s a good thing that the caesarean surgery has resumed in the hospital, but lack of blood bank has been giving us a hard time,” Jha said, adding, “For the time being, however, we have formed an emergency blood donor club, which is helping us.” Meanwhile, stakeholders have doubted the sustainability of the service.