Bhojpur's rural municipality to distribute relief food

BHOJPUR: Pauwadungma Rural Municipality is all set to distribute relief food to those unable to bring food to their tables following the nationwide lockdown imposed to curb COVID-19 infection, in Bhojpur district.

The local level started this initiative after news of people living in the verge of starvation amid lockdown surfaced. The rural municipality will also provide food to those who are living temporarily in the village.

It has also urged the rural municipality locals who are temporarily away and stuck at other places to contact their office in case of any problem.

In response to the news of people facing dire consequences due to lack of food, Kiran Rai, chair of the rural municipality said, "Our rural municipality has made the decision to provide relief food to all the people in need."

According to Chair Rai, after people in need provide their details including number of family members and location, the rural municipality office will coordinate with the related wards to provide relief materials. They can contact Chief Administration Officer Ramesh Rai, Information Officer Gyanu Dahal, or Information Technology Officer Mukesh Rai to provide information, added the rural municipality office.

Meanwhile, 50 samples tested in the district through Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) method to check for COVID-19 infection, until Thursday, have come out negative for coronavirus antibodies.

The district has been carrying out RDT on those who have recently returned from foreign countries.