Bhutan FM says Maoists infiltrating refugee camps

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 8:

Bhutanese foreign minister, Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk, while responding to queries in the Bhutanese National Assembly, has claimed that the Maoists have infiltrated the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.

He said the security situation in Nepal, particularly near the camps, had deteriorated and the infiltration of the camps by the Maoists and other related developments were of utmost concern to Bhutan, reported Bhutan’s official website, Kuenselonline.

“The Maoists are intent on spreading their ‘revolution’ to other parts of the region. We feel that such a (Maoist) regime would almost certainly threaten stability in the region.”

Wangchuk also said the Maoists had infiltrated the camps which had become breeding grounds for various radical political parties and terrorist groups.

He told the Assembly members that allowing the highly politicised camp people to return to Bhutan would mean importing ready-made radical political parties and terrorists to duplicate the violence, terror, and instability the Maoists had unleashed in Nepal.