Bijukchhe for socialist republic

Rajbiraj, September 6 :

Chairman of the Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (NWPP), Narayan Man Bijukchhe ‘Rohit’, today said the Maoists should be drawn into an ideological agreement, as, at present, the “ideological war” was more important than the issue of management of Maoists’ arms.

“Nation’s situation cannot be improved merely by declaring it a republic. A socialist republic is needed now,” Bijukchhe said. “The Maoist peoples’ army should be merged with the Nepali Army and democratised,” Bijukchhe said at an interaction programme organised jointly by the Nepal Krantikari Yuva and the Nepal Revolutionary Students’ Union in Rajbiraj.

Pointing out that foreign meddling in domestic affairs was increasing, Bijukchhe said that the solution to internal disputes and discords should be sought by forging an ideological accord.

Stating that there has been no agreement among the seven parties and the Maoists regarding the ceremonial monarchy, Bijukchhe added that it was up to the people to decide the issue.

Bijukchhe, however, said that there would be no problem in running the national affairs without a king.